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We're Australia's Number 1 Remote Technical Support Provider. We specialise in remote support for homes and small businesses. Our Heldpesk network provides customers user friendly, pay-as-you-go technical support and subscriptions for managed services. We take care of all your digital stuff including computers, email, internet, WiFi, printers, mobile devices as well as network monitoring, cloud storage, onsite maintenance, web and email hosting, anti-virus and data security.

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Airdesk Support Network

Airdesk provides support to all of Australia
via our network of support technicians.
How to get support:
1. Get in touch

Call 1300 144 975, visit our support page or download the app, ask questions via live chat or request support

2. We call you back

When a support request is received by our helpdesk, we schedule a technician who will call to provide technical support

3. Just pay as you go

No contracts or monthly fees. With Airdesk you just pay per problem and time used in 15 minute blocks.

What our
Clients say

What We Support

We support all the digital stuff in your life.
Here are just a few of the things we cover.
Windows, iOS, Android

All our techs are experienced with Windows, Apple and Android devices. We can sort out the issue over the phone, video chat or even log into the computer and fix the issue for you.

Tablets, Mobile Devices & PCs

We'll help you with your tablets. mobile devices, laptops and PC's. Our Airdesk techs help with issues such as connecting to wifi, repairing software or full re-installs of an operating system.

Internet & Wifi

Having issues connecting to the internet or WiFI? From simple tasks like plugging in the correct lead to your modem to assisting with NBN escalations, Airdesk has got your back.

Data Security, Anti-Virus

We take data security seriously. We can help protect you from malicious software, hacking or ransomware attacks. We can also help setup cloud based solutions to backup your data.

Home AI

Google Home, Siri, Alexa and Cortana are becoming a must have for alot of homes. We can help you get the best out of your AI technology by helping it to connect your home and to 'the internet of things'.

Data Backup & Storage

All homes and businesses need to have an offsite data backup solution and data recovery plan. We can provide cloud and onsite data backup services for home and business customers.

Products We Use

Our products provide effective multi-layered security
and data solutions to keep you protected

Call in the
Air Support

If we can't fix your issue remotely we can send someone out to fix it onsite or pick-up your hardware for repairs. Our site visit pricing is based on the location of your nearest technician. We can advise you of the most cost effective option should you need hardware support.

Hardware issues? We can send out a support technician.

Helpdesk Pricing

Simplified pricing based on the
urgency of your support request


"Put my callback in the
queue, I can wait."


Includes 15 mins support
  • Included:
  • Join the queue
  • Includes first 15 mins support
  • 15 min blocks thereafter
    ($16.50 per block)
  • Remote support service
  • 8am - 8pm, 7 Days
  • Comparison: $74.50 first hour


"I want a callback within
the next 2-3 hours."


Includes 15 mins support
  • Included:
  • Front of the queue
  • Includes first 15 mins support
  • 15 min blocks thereafter
    ($16.50 per block)
  • Remote support service
  • 8am - 8pm, 7 Days
  • Comparison: $84.50 first hour


"Drop everything and
call me now, I broke it!"


Includes 15 mins support
  • Included:
  • Priority incident support
  • Includes first 15 mins support
  • 15 min blocks thereafter
    ($16.50 per block)
  • Remote support service
  • 9am - 5pm, Week Days
  • Comparison: $94.50 first hour


"When it can't
be fixed remotely."


Per hour
  • Included:
  • Scheduled time
  • Includes first hour support
  • 15 min blocks thereafter
    ($25 per block)
  • Onsite and remote support
  • 8am - 8pm, 7 Days
  • *Pricing varies based on location

All pricing includes GST.

Standard tickets are responded to after Express and Priority tickets. Customers are offered callback times to choose from.

Express tickets are responded to before Standard tickets and after Priority tickets. Callback within 2 - 3 hours.

Priority incident tickets are responded to immdediately with a maximum wait time of 1 hour.

Onsite Support is provided when a remote support session has determined the need for a technician onsite to help resolve the issue.

Response Time: If a Priority or Express ticket cannot be responded to within the response time they will only be charged at the Standard rate.

Support time applies to open tickets and includes support via the App, phone, sms, email, remote access, support preparation (driver downloads etc), consultation and research. Customers will be advised of expected time required for support tasks.

*Onsite support pricing can vary based on location and availability of a technician. All pricing will be quoted to customers.

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Airdesk Business

Airdesk Business is like giving your staff access to a whole IT department. We offer a wide range of services from desktop support to data protection, network security and cloud solutions. Get in touch to find out how we can support your staff and business.

Airdesk Business
offers cost effective
support desk and
same day service

The Airdesk Experts

Our Airdesk technicians work flexibly
and remotely anywhere in Australia.